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<a href="">Unwell by dadahack</a>

dadahack gig - 24th June, Hong Kong

TAP3 currently sold out

We're pleased to say (for ourselves) and sorry to say (for you dear reader) that our TAP3 device is currently sold out.

Moves are afoot for a new run of subtly revised and re-designed devices, and you'll be the first to know when they're ready, and where they'll be available from. Which will probably include here. The music from the TAP3 is of course available to download there.

Many thanks for all our supporters who bought the first run of 500. You are pretty unique.

Construction Time Again


At last. We've made a FAQ for the TAP3. Read all about it... downloading it here

Please note that the TAP3 only plays mp3 files. (Not AAC/WAV/WMV/whatevahs etc).

TAP3 device now on sale

Includes immediate download of the album.

Full details and purchase from here:

TAP3 photo by Sara Arnald.